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The Electronic Journal of Mathematics & Technology. Mathematics and Technology, LLC, USA. Website:


The eJMT is indexed by Zentralblatt and Zentralblatt’s sister database for Mathematics Education, MathEduc.

The eJMT, an international refereed journal, will address technology-based issues in all Mathematical Sciences. The eJMT will deal primarily, but not exclusively, with the use of technologies in mathematics and mathematics education research, pedagogy, and mathematics applications. The eJMT will communicate the most recent applications of technology in pure and applied mathematics and in electronic format, including video and sound. The eJMT will publish the source codes of programs together with submitted papers electronically, so readers can actually continue the experiments.

The journal is also a valuable medium for high school mathematics teachers worldwide to discuss effective ways of implementing technology in their teaching. From country to country, the use of technology in high school mathematics varies greatly, and the journal is an excellent place to provide collective worldwide ideas and share their varying experiences. The eJMT has four basic areas of interest:

Trend 1: Research in Mathematics and its Applications and Mathematics Education with Technology

Trend 2: Instruction in Mathematics and its Applications with Technology

Trend 3: Learning in Mathematics and its Applications and Mathematics Education with Technology

Trend 4: Newly Emerging Technologies and Mathematical Fields


  • Editor-in-Chief: Wei-Chi YANG, Radford University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics (USA)
  • Executive Editors:

- Keng Cheng ANG, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), - Matthias KAWSKI, Arizona State University (USA), - Mirek MAJEWSKI, New York Institute of Technology, College of Arts and Sciences (USA).