VideoClipQuests – or short: VCQs – constitute a constructivistic teaching and learning method that is particularly suited for E-learning scenarios. Each VCQ consists of a video clip and a set of questions or tasks. These components are related in a special way, and the connection is not as obvious as in traditional educational videos: While not directly containing the answers, the video clip is still needed for answering the questions. The basic idea is that the questions do not give all the details and try to avoid central points, thus forcing the learner to watch the clip to get a starting point. This technique is called "Mask the Task", an educational design pattern. From a psychological point of view a VCQ confronts the learners with an unsolvable task, that they want to convert into a solvable one. This creates intrinsic motivation as a major driving force behind the self-controlled learning process. For the teacher VCQs bear several advantages, a major one being their simple creation and deployment and their suitability for the classroom, e-learning and blended learning scenarios. You can find more information about VCQs in our publications. We also created an online portal (currently in beta and German language only) where you can easily find, create, and share VCQs.

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